Why paint a field of poppies?

Poppies grew over the graves of fallen soldiers. The poppy is a symbol for soldiers who died in conflict

Bottle Cap Field of Poppies

Materials: plastic bottle cap, red, black and green paint, brush, white paper, optional: green marker.

  1. Paint a small border of green “grass” on the bottom of the paper approx. 2 to 3 inches wide. (paper can be horizontal or vertical – horizontal means you can put more poppies).
  2. Holding onto the edge of the bottle cap, dip the cap into the red paint. Press the cap onto the paper anywhere from 2 to 5 inches above the “grass”. Repeat, randomly making a number of poppies. For young children, let dry before going on to #3.

Use a finger to make the center of the poppy. Dip fingertip into the black paint and touch fingertip to the center of the poppies.

  1. Using the green paint or the green marker make stalks for some, if not all, of the poppies.

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Elaine Hornung

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  1. If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes. Aaren Reggis Sela

    1. I appreciate your comment. The photos used in the article “why paint a field of poppies” are my own photos, taken as I created the piece of artwork. Hope that clears up any misunderstanding.

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