Comprehensive Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Educational Kid Play is a book that covers each of your child’s developmental areas.
I wrote it based on concepts I learned from more than 30 years of professional experience in childhood education.
Here are just a few of the amazing things you and your preschooler will get from this book:


Save the time and energy searching for things to do with your kids through my book. For your convenience, every resource you need is all put together for you! My book also keeps you from feeling the frustration of not knowing how to help your kid when they need you most.

By spending approximately 15 minutes a day doing one simple thing, your child will look forward to spending time with you. Your relationship will be deeper, and you will maximize the few short years you have with your kid. Be there when they need you the most.

No one has ever taught you this before, but you can stop being “boring” without feeling like you are working hard at it. Parents tell me this benefit is worth the cost of the book alone.

We all want our kids to do well in school, don’t we?  Use my proven and tested method to help improve your child’s academic performance. They will become smarter, and quicker at learning, giving them more confidence and a higher self-esteem.

Investing in your kid’s future will pay off immensely. By learning the top secrets that the best teachers know, you enable your child to have more success in school and, eventually, in life.

The lesson plans in this book use a combination of activities from the four main developmental learning areas: cognitive, Language, social/emotional, and physical. Through math, science, art, language, physical and food activities your kids IQ will increase, making them smarter, happier and more adept at interacting with other children and adults.

Educational Kid Play contains exercises that promote active movement. This helps your child have a healthy and fit body. In addition, you will find nutritious snacks that you and your kid can have fun preparing together.

Equip your child to get along with other people. The concepts in this book help them understand people of different races, sizes, ages, and nationalities.

Teaching your child to respect nature is important for the future sustainability of our planet. With Educational Kid Play, your kids can learn how to take care of the environment the right way.

A study by researchers in the Ohio University states that both a child’s exposure to background television and having a TV in their bedroom were related significantly and negatively to their social development. The researchers suggest that these may be markers of households in which parents are relatively less engaged with their children. As a result, kids are given fewer opportunities for emotional and
intellectual growth.

It is my opinion that—while it may be impossible to cut out children’s screen time on iPads, televisions, and other media devices completely—every bit of time you spend engaging their minds and participating in the activities in my book will greatly improve their critical thinking skills. In doing so, you can also boost their self-esteem.