Helping Your Child Achieve Personal and Academic Success

Educational Kid Play is a book that aims to support kids to achieve success at school and life. It also promotes a deeper bond between parent and child. This book contains a treasure box of enjoyable and educational activities that  improve your child’s focus, unleash their imagination and allow you to have quality fun time together.

Mission Statement

To offer parents and caregivers fun activities that will educate, entertain, and empower their kids. The activities in this book will develop their cognitive and social skills which will lead to more success for them in school and in life. In addition, doing these activities with the kid’s will build strong, emotional relationships which will also contribute to the kid’s success.

About Me

I am a teacher, currently working as a substitute for all grades. Over the years I have worked in different school divisions, and more importantly I have owned and operated my own preschool. It is from my experience with the preschool that my book Educational Kid Play was inspired.

I have always wanted to help kids to love learning and to love school.  And now, I want to help parents to be able to give their kids a better chance of success in school and in life, while they build a better relationship with them.

Educational Activities

The activities in this book will develop children’s cognitive and social skills, which will lead to a better shot at success for them in school and life. Doing these activities with your kids will build strong, emotional relationships, which will also contribute to their success.

The Importance of Engaging Your Kid in Education

The most important years of a child's social and cognitive development are between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. During this time, directing your kid’s attention toward education and socialization—as opposed to TV shows, video games, and other distractions—is crucial to helping them achieve their full potential.

Educational Kid Play offers activities that cover each of your child’s developmental areas. Aside from promoting their intelligence and creativeness, the exercises boost self-esteem and equip your child with the social skills needed to interact with other kids and the study habits to achieve academic excellence.

This book shares with you the tricks that the best school teachers have known for decades. In today's high-paced, technology-filled world, these actions get your kid to not only pay attention to their studies but also have fun while doing so. You can get your child to love investing their time in academics and bonding with you without bribing, nagging, or pushing them.