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Toddler/Preschool Activity Book

A child between the ages of two and five is in a prime state of development. They have a lot to learn, but they also need plenty of interaction and fun. For this reason, activity that both entertains and stimulates learning is essential to help them prepare to be successful in the future. However, knowing what the right activities are can be a challenge.

That’s why Educational Kid Play is an ideal option for those who work with and around young children. This toddler/preschool activity book is perfect to help your child grow.

An Activity Book to Promote Healthy Children

Educational Kid Play is an activity book for toddlers, preschoolers and their parents to do together. This book contains countless activities that promote learning and growth in your child. The book provides activities that entertain your child while also teaching them about a variety of subjects like math, science, art, and social skills. You will find plenty in this book to keep your child happy and learning.

This book also promotes healthy relationships. The child learns new things while spending time with a parent or loved one. This time spent together strengthens bonds between parents and children to further increase the child’s growth and potential for success.

Additionally, many of the activities found in Educational Kid Play encourage active movement. So the child can get the exercise they need and release the excess energy they so often have. This book promotes child health on every level.

A Trusted Expert Who Helps Children Succeed

The author, Elaine Hornung, has taught and helped children for over 20 years. Through her experience, she has learned techniques that have helped the children she taught succeed in their youth as well as adulthood. She compiled all her experience to create an activity book that will help your children succeed too.

Buy Educational Kid Play today and watch how your child will learn and grow from the activities in this book.