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Paper Scales Fish

Materials: different coloured paper – construction, tissue, old wrapping paper etc. scissors, white glue, googly eyes (or white paper circles with black eyes drawn on), fish outlines (can get from computer to print – google images fish outline) or draw your own fish shape on firm paper preferably

1. After selecting or drawing fish outline, select paper to use for scales of fish. Note, use however many you want, but use at least 2 colours to provide some contrast.

2. Tear small pieces from the paper approx. the size of the child’s thumb.

3. Spread glue over some of the fish outline (not over it all or it’s likely to dry up before you get to it all).

4. Lay torn paper scales onto the glue covering the whole of the fish outline.

5. Glue on a googly or paper eye.

6. Let glue dry, then cut out fish shape.

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Elaine Hornung