The leaves are changing colours. Let’s make a Loopy Fall Tree!

Its fall and the leaves on the trees are changing colours – you’ll find red, yellow, orange, brown, and there may still be some green leaves left as well.

Loopy Fall Tree

Materials: construction paper, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, glue stick, scissors, (or paper cutter), white glue

1. Cut the red, yellow, orange and green paper in half to have two pieces of each. (You can fold it, then cut on the fold, or measure and cut). Cut lengthwise to make them 4’ wide. .  If they are much longer than 4” the loops you will make for the leaves will be too big.

2. Take one brown and cut a tree trunk from it – 1 ½” x 4”.  Putting the blue paper vertically, glue the trunk close to the bottom of the page.  Cut the rest of the brown into 3/4” x 4” strips.  Glue 4 of them to the top of the trunk spreading them out to make tree branches. (These will not be seen once the leaves are on but they help to show where the leaves should be put.)

3. Cut one green piece along the long edge, about 1 to 2 “ wide and glue to the bottom of the page to represent grass under the tree.

4. Cut the red, yellow, orange and other brown and green pieces into ¾” x 4” strips  Your child may do this to practice cutting –you could draw lines to guide them.  Or they may help you cut the strips on a paper cutter, perhaps moving the knife across the paper as you hold it in place.

5. Using the gluestick, put a dab of glue on one end and curl the paper to stick on the glue making a loop.  Do this with all colours, making about 30 to 40 loops. Your child will need to hold the paper together for a few seconds to help it stick. If it comes apart, just stick it back together and hold again.

6. Put a dab of white glue on the area where the loop is stuck together and place the loop somewhere on the tree branches, eventually covering the branches entirely.  Put a few on the grass for leaves that have fallen off the tree.

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Elaine Hornung