Happy Independence Day, America!

July 4th is America’s day to recognize when they became an independent country, and  no longer part of the British colonies.  To help my American friends to celebrate, I have a couple of simple activities to do with  your kids – first, rock painting in red, white and blue, and, second, making fireworks pictures. A. […]

A Garden Full of Tulips

This craft will help your child learn and improve their fine motor skills as they manipulate the fork and it will spark their creativity. Materials: forks, paint – green plus other colours, paper plate or paint tray, white paper, paintbrush 1. Adult puts dabs of paint on plate/tray with a fork for each colour except […]

This Happy Caterpillar Will Crawl Into Your Heart

Caterpillar Valentine (This activity will build skills such as tracing, cutting, glueing and printing the child’s name) Materials: red, pink, and purple construction paper, scissors, pencil, marker, gluestick (or white glue), eyes (or white paper and marker), optional: glitter and other decorating craft material like buttons, ribbons etc.) Make a heart template – this can […]

Why paint a field of poppies?

Poppies grew over the graves of fallen soldiers. The poppy is a symbol for soldiers who died in conflict Bottle Cap Field of Poppies Materials: plastic bottle cap, red, black and green paint, brush, white paper, optional: green marker. Paint a small border of green “grass” on the bottom of the paper approx. 2 to […]

The leaves are changing colours. Let’s make a Loopy Fall Tree!

Its fall and the leaves on the trees are changing colours – you’ll find red, yellow, orange, brown, and there may still be some green leaves left as well. Loopy Fall Tree Materials: construction paper, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, glue stick, scissors, (or paper cutter), white glue 1. Cut the red, yellow, orange and […]

Look What I Caught!

Paper Scales Fish Materials: different coloured paper – construction, tissue, old wrapping paper etc. scissors, white glue, googly eyes (or white paper circles with black eyes drawn on), fish outlines (can get from computer to print – google images fish outline) or draw your own fish shape on firm paper preferably 1. After selecting or […]

It’s Spring! What’s happening with the birds?

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere! Snow is melting, grass is starting to turn green and the summer birds are returning. Here are some springtime/bird activities for you to do with your kids. Have fun. You can find more Spring/bird activities as well as lots of other activities to do with your child in the […]

Halloween is just around the corner! Costume Ideas

If you want to make a simple costume for yourself or your kids, I’ve got some ideas for you. Some of these are ideas that I have used myself. Some of these are taken from the magazine “Parents” Oct. 2019. An important part of the costume, which can be used as a base for other […]

Father’s Day Card – Tie

Ties! Ties! Ties! Ties are what is often portrayed as gifts for Dads.  Well how about making a Father’s Day card that looks like a one.  Click on the tie image to download the instructions for this craft. Materials: construction paper, scissors, pencil, glue,decorating media: (crayons, markers, paint, stickers, glitter, etc.) 1. Let child choose […]

September Leaf Activities

In September, at least in the northern part of the world, the season of fall begins. Leaves on the trees and bushes and even the weeds, may begin to change colour. This is a perfect time to take your child for a walk around your neighbourhood, and/or to go to a park to collect leaves […]